TERRY HANLEY's been designing, building and operating audio systems for fifty years. He's done sound for Hendrix, The Who, Cream, Blind Faith, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley and many other legendary performers. Terry's consulting services are always in demand.  terry@terryhanleyaudio.com

DAN KIDWELL has supervised the production of more than 4,000

events - including major festivals, concerts and conferences.

Dan's expertise covers sound, lighting, video, multimedia

and broadcast.  dan@terryhanleyaudio.com

JOHN DOERSCHUK is a highly skilled audio engineer, cameraman

and producer. He's handled the audio and video for events of every description - including concerts, festivals, theater productions and international business conferences.  john@terryhanleyaudio.com


Bill and Terry Hanley designed, built and operated audio systems that brought live sound

into the modern era. After Hanley Sound did Woodstock and recorded the platinum Woodstock album,

Terry formed THAS to create headset intercoms for event professionals, and used that technology

to develop a portable, multi-channel interpreting system for the courts of Massachusetts.

Not many sound companies can handle MIT's graduation, Simultaneous Translation

for international crisis conferences, the New Orleans Jazz Festival

and Aerosmith tours.  We've done all those jobs, and more.

JOE HEIRTZLER is as comfortable engineering live events as he is in

the studio. A formally trained A1, Joe "Hz" has produced the audio

for thousands of perfomances and  conferences during his

16 years with Terry.  joe@terryhanleyaudio.com

A Dante certified A1 audio technician, MICHAEL ELLIOTT is also the resident  IT guru at Terry Hanley Audio.